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Glulam (glulam) from pine

Glulam is dimensionally stable, a perfect fit and is therefore easy to work with. The surface is planed on four sides. By using technically dried slats, chemical wood protection can be dispensed with when used in service class 1. Planning and building with glulam is individual, safe and economical. Glulam is the material for advanced and demanding constructions and therefore a sensible alternative to steel and concrete. BSH is an ideal building material for residential construction, old buildings, renovation areas and constructive timber construction. The modern wood glue construction also opens up diverse design options for interior designers. Remaining constructions create a pleasant atmosphere due to the character and the natural charisma of the wood.

  • Glued laminated timber also known as glue-laminated timber.

The glulam commonly known under the term "glue-laminated timber" or glulam consists of at least three glued wood lamellas. Coniferous woods such as larch, fir, spruce or Douglas fir are traditionally used as the basis for glulam. The special manufacturing method enables dimensionally stable, enormously resilient and stable wooden building elements. In principle, any length and even arch shapes can be produced, but lengths of 6 to 18 meters are common. With us you get glulam made of spruce and larch in an attractive visual quality and individually wrapped.

  • Glulam production
  • Areas of application

- Roof structure and roof structures also in the visible area
- Wide-span main beams also in special shapes
- columns and pillars
- Ceiling construction or as a girder grid system

  • Prices from pine (pine = spruce) and sizes on request.
  • Qualities

Glulam (glulam) from pine, spruce - on request.
BSH pine, spruce - on request: weatherproof glued, various.

The products are packaged in a special film to protect against precipitation.
The production is certified both in the Republic of Belarus and in Europe.
There is a certificate of product conformity EN 14080: 2013.
The specialists of the high class are involved in the production. The product quality is monitored in a factory-accredited laboratory on certified devices. Each group of glued wood beams is checked according to the requirements for compliance with the physical and mechanical parameters EN 14080: 2013.
Strength class: GL 28 (h, с).
Formaldehyde emission class: Е1.
Response to fire: D-s2, d0.
Adhesive: Type I

Ideal for all load-bearing wooden structures such as carports, winter gardens, terrace roofs, etc.

  • Dimensions:

from 6 x 12 cm to 24 x 60 cm, length max. up to 13 m.


S / H 120 (mm) 180 (mm) 220 (mm) 260 (mm) 300 (mm)
80 (mm)    
120 (mm)      
180 (mm)        
200 (mm)          
240 (mm)

  • Note: all other dimensions on request!