Protection against viruses - a house made from Siberian cedar.

We offer basic sets of wooden houses from the glued wood beams ready for installation.
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Durability, strength, aesthetics, quality, no harm to the environment!

The walls made of glued wood beams do not require any additional equipment and insulation neither inside nor outside (except for the paint) in contrast to all other wall construction materials, where you have to do both inside and outside work. It will be much faster after construction, cheaper and warmer. It will be an absolutely environmentally friendly house.

Siberian cedar (Swiss stone pine) is a unique tree in its properties that grows in absolutely clean areas of Siberia.
If you choose cedar as wall material, you get an expensive, exclusive and ecological house.

  Siberian cedar is a pharmaceutical tree. Its healing effect is explained by the essential oils and biological agents (phytoncides) present in the wood. These volatile elements disinfect the room air and make it healthier by separating it from the wood. When inhaled, the micro-elements and vitamins that strengthen the immune system get into the lungs and thus into the bloodstream so that the body can easily absorb and process them.

The healing effect on the human organism has been scientifically proven.
  Having a cedar bedroom is an effective way to help:
- nervous system disorders (including stress and insomnia),
- pain in the spine,
- cardiovascular disorders,
- diseases of the respiratory organs, acute respiratory diseases, flu,
- hangovers.
- People who constantly recharge cedar wood energy do not experience fatigue, neither at work nor in love.
  The wood of Siberian cedar is one of the most reliable building materials
The cedar house is:
- high strength. In this indicator, cedar wood is often compared to metal.
- Comparatively low body weight
- Thanks to the porous structure, it does not succumb to the harmful influence of moisture and is resistant to the development of mold and fungus manifestations.
- Cedar is one of the most resistant materials to decay susceptibility. It is endowed with high antibacterial qualities and nothing comparable, completely individual aroma.
- There are significantly fewer cracks in the cedar walls than in pine;
- Due to the fine layer structure is excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
In terms of these parameters, cedar wood outperforms all other tree species used in construction.
It is not necessary to insulate such a house.
It was found that the walls of the log house made of cedar wood with a thickness of only 100 mm are able to receive the same amount of thermal energy as the double masonry with a thickness of 510 mm.
The resinous wood of the cedar (stone pine) scares away insect pests. Moths never nest in houses made of this wood. It has been scientifically proven that cedarwood kills putrefactive bacteria.

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