We offer basic sets of wooden houses from the glued wood beams ready for installation.
From our catalog or your project.

Durability, strength, aesthetics, quality, no harm to the environment!

Wooden houses made of glulam.

  • A ready-to-install construction that has been precisely sawn, mortised and marked in the factory.


But for couples with a child, a compact mini-house can be comfortably implemented. Or if you prefer to enjoy your retirement in a mini house in the countryside than in an apartment in the city center. After all, even in the second half of life, the construction of a mini-house can still make sense if you want to move from a large to a small home.
Wood to feel good. That's why we build with solid wood. Wood is naturally breathable and moisture-regulating. In summer it is just really cool in the house and in winter cuddly warm. Open-pored wood binds pollutants, filters the air and thus also improves the indoor climate. Because wood does not charge electrostatically and attracts dust, it is usually also suitable for allergy sufferers.

A construction that has been precisely sawn, tapped and marked ready for installation in the factory.
Such solutions are possible for the internal walls of a log house, as well as for the walls of the upper floor or for roof construction.
Thanks to the use of these prefabricated and marked components, experienced specialists can erect the shell of a single-family house in 10-14 days.

Basic equipment:
Prefabricated wooden structures ready for installation:
- Wooden walls; (Glued log planks with multiple tongue & groove)
- Birch wood nail;
- Sealant;
- Roof beams;
- Rafters for roof system;
- Lath.

Turnkey house set:
Basic equipment,
Stairs and other elements include.
And also chief assembly.

Without plot, foundation, heating / plumbing, and electrical work.

The walls made of the glue binder do not require additional equipment and insulation neither inside nor outside (except the painting). It is a solid, breathable wall, which does not require any further thermal insulation due to its mono-material properties. This will be much faster after construction time, cheaper and warmer. It will be absolutely environmentally friendly house.
In principle, we do not recommend making additional insulation inside and outside the house. This can lead to deterioration of the properties of wood.

Above all, however, you can opt for one of our wooden houses and completely change and design it according to your wishes.