Protection against viruses - a house made from Siberian cedar.

We offer basic sets of wooden houses from the glued wood beams ready for installation.
From our catalog or your project.

Durability, strength, aesthetics, quality, no harm to the environment!

The walls made of glued wood beams do not require any additional equipment and insulation neither inside nor outside (except for the paint) in contrast to all other wall construction materials, where you have to do both inside and outside work. It will be much faster after construction, cheaper and warmer. It will be an absolutely environmentally friendly house.

Wooden houses made of glulam with Sauna.
Buy log cabin, buy cheap wooden house, buy wooden house.
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  • A precisely sawn, tapped and marked construction ready for installation in the factory.

Such solutions are possible for the interior walls of a log cabin as well as for the walls of the upper floor or for the roof construction.
Thanks to the use of these prefabricated and marked components, experienced specialists can build the shell of a single-family house in 3-4 days.

The house with Sauna

  • Parameters:

Project area: 45.3 m2
Floors: 1 Floor
Living area: 11.5 m2
Material: Glued Beams

  • Basic equipment.

Prefabricated wooden structures ready for Installation:
1. The wall material. (Glulam beams)
2. Between the floor overlap.
3. Load-bearing structural elements of the roof.

  • Available wood type of glued beams: Pine, Siberian cedar.

Wood type: Siberian cedar (pine) - price on request.

Available sizes of glue-laminated timber beams: (thickness * height) 80mm x 160mm, 120mm x 160mm, 160mm x 160/190mm, 200mm x 160/190mm, 240mm x 160/190mm.

The project can be changed or planned according to your own wishes.

Glulam beams with thermal insulation.