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Buy a turnkey living container

Modular house - tiny house - mobile houses - mini house - container houses - living containers 6 - 12m x 2.4m with kitchen and bathroom. It consists of a sleeping area, bathroom and has a kitchenette.

Modular house-warm house with low energy consumption.

  • Standard models. Modular house A-1. Mini house fully equipped outside and inside.

  • Wohncontainer A-3 mit Holzfassade. Modell-1.

  • Wohncontainer "A-3". Modell-2.

  • Wohncontainer "A-3". Modell-2.

  • Wohncontainer "A-3" mit Holzfassade. Modell-1.

  • Wohncontainer A-3 mit einer Pergola aus Holz (6 m). Modell-1.

  • Wohncontainer A-3 Innenausbau. Modell-1.

  • Wohncontainer A-3 Innenausbau. Modell-1.

  • Wohncontainer "A-3" Plan. Modell-1.

  • Wohncontainer "A-3" Plan. Modell-2.

    We offer additional designs for living containers: a wooden pergola and a pitched roof.

    • Technical specifications:
    • Size:  6x2(st.) m x 2.4 m (gross dimensions) L-shaped living container
    • External height:                              2.65 m
    • Interior height:                                2.34 m
    • Room area:                                  ≈ 26.4 m²
    • Price basic equipment:    from 690 € m²
    • Basic equipment:
    • Outer walls: polyurethane sandwich panel 80 mm.
    • Interior walls: wall paneling "MDF".
    • Ventilation grille
    • The windows are with a 2-layer glazing made of PVC.
    • Window 1: 600 x 800 mm - 2 pcs. Double insulating glass, clear glass, turn and tilt windows
    • Window 2: 1480 x 1000 mm - 2 pcs. Double insulating glass, clear glass, turn and tilt windows
    • Window 3: 900 x 2000 mm - 1 pc. Double insulating glass, clear glass, turn and tilt windows
    • Entrance door: 900 x 2000 -1 st. Double insulating glass, clear glass
    • Floor: 40mm polyurethane sandwich panel, 10mm OSB panel, linoleum or laminate.
    • Ceiling: 40mm polyurethane sandwich panel, 10mm OSB panel, 50mm rockwool insulation, PVC wall panels.
    • Door to the bathroom.
    • Hanging cabinet with washbasin.
    • Wall toilet
    • Electrical equipment (electricity box, sockets, light switches, lighting: LED ceiling lights)
    • Additional equipment: Price on request
    • External walls with facade cladding (PVC wall panels, wooden facades, Lamellon)
    • Electric boiler
    • Shower cabin
    • Kitchen block with sink, ceramic hob with two plates.
    • Refrigerator
    • Multifunctional wardrobe for bedding, things, with secretary.
    • The windows are double glazing with shutters.
    • Air conditioning.
    • Aluminum windows
    • And much more

    •  The Tiny House "Standard Model A-1" is an environmentally friendly container house, which is delivered fully equipped and only needs to be connected. It can just as easily be transported to a different location later at any time. Natural and high-quality materials were used for the equipment.

     Such a mini house can be used in a variety of ways and of course all year round, as an alternative in the cold season, as a weekend house, as a guest room, as a youth room, as a garden shed, as a studio, studio, workshop, holiday home, office or whatever you need.

     A mobile house can be transported very easily and cheaply. You can simply have it transported to a new place. Individual, fast and modern - a modular house is a perfect solution for the demands of modern life.

    • You can also order a container without equipment.

    Equipment options

    • Description: The Tiny House consists of galvanized steel construction. The walls, ceiling and floor are insulated. You can choose any combination for yourself.
    • Exterior walls with facade cladding.
    • Flat pent roof
    • PVC/Aluminium windows
    • Entrance door: PVC/Aluminium glass doors
    • Door to the bathroom
    • Insulation: sandwich panel 40/ 60/ 80/ 100 or 120 mm.
    • Power box
    • Sockets
    • light switch
    • Outer Flash: LED Wall Lights (Outside)
    • Lighting: LED ceiling lights (inside)
    • Electric boiler
    • Electric towel warmer
    • Wall convector
    • Exhaust fans in bathrooms
    • Air conditioning
    • Recuperators
    • Hanging cabinet with washbasin
    • Wall toilet
    • Shower cabin
    • Inner walls: The inner walls are with profiled wood. Or wall paneling "MDF".
    • Flooring: linoleum, laminate, vinyl floors click provided.
    • Ceiling: wall panels (PVC, MDF)
    • The windows are double glazed
    • The windows are double-glazed with shutters
    • Mosquito net / window grille
    • Kitchen block with sink, ceramic hob with two plates.
    • Refrigerator
    • Wall cupboard kitchen
    • Multifunctional wardrobe for bedding, things, with secretary.

    •  Annotation

     * The bathroom consists of a shower, a washbasin including a base cabinet and a toilet. Sink, toilet, shower prepared for a permanent connection to a sewage treatment plant.

    * The modular house requires a water, sewer and electricity connection.
    * Only 8 point foundations are required.
    * You do not need a building permit. All you have to do is report it to the responsible municipality.
    * A crane must be organized for transport. Can also be sent. The cost of this is not included in the price.

    Other sizes, e.g. larger windows, container length, everything is possible.
    We also manufacture your Tiny House according to your wishes. After ordering, production takes about 8 - 10 weeks.



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