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Manufacture of commercial containers to order

Container for farm shop. Container for farm shop and vending machines. shopping container. food kiosks. Farmer's shop container.

  • Shopping container

  • Einkaufscontainer 6m.

  • Einkaufscontainer 6m.

  • Einkaufscontainer 9m.

  • Einkaufscontainer 9m.

  • Einkaufscontainer. Duplex 6x2.45 m

  • Einkaufscontainer. Duplex 6x2.45 m

  • Einkaufscontainer. Duplex 6x2.45 m

    Container for farm shop and vending machines
    We have the perfect solution for you: the farm shop in the container. Weatherproof, with many windoEinkaufs Container 4ws and ready to plug in.
    Individual module in the format 6-12.00 x 2.40 x 2.65 m (LxWxH)
    You can order an individual color solution.
    The shopping container consists of galvanized metal construction. The walls, ceiling and floor are insulated (sandwich panels with height profile and polyurethane core 50-100 mm).

    Container for farm shop Price ≈ without equipment from 580 € m².

    By merging two or more modules, we get a PAVILION or container settlement. The most common are duplex modules of two containers, as the best solution for bakeries, kiosks, grocery stores, shops, smaller offices... The combination of 4 or more modules provides showrooms, office spaces, offices... Reinforced modules can build multi-storey buildings , usually up to 2 floors.

    Duplex and Triplex:
    Fast installation, easy maintenance, modern architecture of an unobtrusive type, all the features of duplex and triplex. They are usually made with decorative attic (hat, hidden roof). For containers stacked upstairs, a reinforced structure with 10 square foot steel sections is used.

    Turnkey shopping container

    The container consists of galvanized steel construction. The walls, ceiling and floor are insulated.

    • Construction

    • Self-supporting steel frame made of tubular profiles + additional angles / C-profiles
    • Floor: steel profiles welded every 40-120 cm
    • The dimensions of the profiles depend on the size of the object
    • Entire construction is covered with anti-corrosion paint
    • Aluminum or PVC, glass showcase FIX 2(3) times glazed (dimensions on request)
    • Electrical installation (sockets, ceiling lights and switch box)
    • Walls
    • The walls are made of polyurethane sandwich panels with a thickness of 40 and 50 mm, high durability, with 98% closed cells and a density of 37-42 kg / m3, which provides excellent insulation. The 40 mm thick wall made of the polyurethane panel has the same freezing properties as 200 mm Sypolex or YTONG or 400 mm lattice block or 700 mm solid brick or 1200 mm concrete.
    • Colors of the facade selectable
    • Facade cladding: exterior walls clad with wall panels PVC or wooden facades. (on request)
    • Roof
    • The ceiling is made of a 40 mm thick sandwich panel with insulation made of polyurethane of class B3, which includes a steel substructure and 50 mm stone wool insulation. On the steel substructure there is an OSB board 10mm, through which the shoelace is attached to a plasticized galvanized 0.5 mm thick steel sheet, which serves as a roof. This roof construction offers you a very good insulation.
    • Floor
    • The floor is made of a 40 mm thick polyurethane sandwich panel, through which the OSB panel is placed 10 mm, and laminate, linoleum or vinflex is used as the last floor. The floor is located on a powerful construction of pipes and specially folded galvanic beams, floor load 200kg / m2, excellent insulation (as 250mm Sympox).
    • other equipment options
    • other dimensions
    • Multi-module systems
    • various window and door variants
    • Shutters
    • Air conditioning, electric radiators
    • Sanitary equipment
    • and much more.

    • Note

     * The bathroom consists of a shower, a washbasin incl. A closet and a toilet. Washbasin, toilet, shower prepared for a permanent connection to a sewage treatment plant.

    * The modular house requires a water.- Channel .- and power connection.
    * It is necessary to prepare the foundation.
    * A crane must be organized for transportation. Can also be shipped. The cost of this is not included in the price.

    Other sizes, e.g. larger windows, container length, everything is possible.
    We also make your Tiny House according to your wishes. After ordering, the production takes about 10 - 12 weeks.



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