Protection against viruses - a house made from Siberian cedar.

We offer basic sets of wooden houses from the glued wood beams ready for installation.
From our catalog or your project.

Durability, strength, aesthetics, quality, no harm to the environment!

The walls made of glued wood beams do not require any additional equipment and insulation neither inside nor outside (except for the paint) in contrast to all other wall construction materials, where you have to do both inside and outside work. It will be much faster after construction, cheaper and warmer. It will be an absolutely environmentally friendly house.

  Our design company is an official partner of society with additional responsibility "Belsrub". ALC "Belsrub" is one of the largest companies in Belarus, which has been planning, producing and installing wooden houses for various purposes for 19 years. From beamed houses and half-timbered houses to bathhouses and arbours. The production itself is on the territory of 1Ga with a production area of ​​2000 m2. We also have great experience in delivering products to the European Union.

  • A ready-to-install construction that has been precisely sawn, mortised and marked in the factory.

  The solid wood houses are already largely finished in the factory. This enables quick installation and guarantees that all parts fit together perfectly. The world's most modern wood processing technology is used in production. It is characterized by the highest quality, where every detail is accurate to the millimeter. Every detail of your home is well thought out and made with love for craftsmanship. Each house is unique.

  • We offer the following cooperation opportunities:

1. - You order a finished house project from our catalog.
The order goes into production and you receive a finished set of houses made of glued wood beams.
You can also order a variety of uninhabited buildings: bathrooms, garages, awnings, etc.
2. - We will adapt and manufacture the basic set according to your wishes.
You can order any option for a new home
Or a separate kit system for the second or attic.

  • The basic set of a ready-to-install glued wood house contains:

1. Wall material.
2. Mezzanine overlap.
3. Supporting structural elements of the roof.
4. All technical documentation has a detailed assembly diagram.

All wishes and details of the future construction, which will be included in a written contract, will be taken into account
We have all international quality certificates

We are ready to work with the foreign partners to deliver the home building kits and prefabricated wooden structures as well as other wooden products and billet (semi-finished products)

The manufacture and delivery of high-quality products on individual order, in accordance with the stated technical and operational requirements of the client, on mutually advantageous terms - Belsrub fulfills all this and much more. If you would like to know what else you can get, please contact us.

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