We offer basic sets of wooden houses from the glued wood beams ready for installation.
From our catalog or your project.

Durability, strength, aesthetics, quality, no harm to the environment!

We offer the following cooperation opportunities:

1. You order a finished house project from our catalog.
The order goes into production and you receive a finished set of houses made of glued wood beams.
You can also order a variety of uninhabited buildings: bathrooms, garages, awnings, etc.
2. We will adapt and manufacture the basic set according to your wishes.
You can order any option for a new home
Or a separate kit system for the second or attic.

The basic set of a ready-to-install glued wood house contains:

1. Wall material.
2. Mezzanine overlap.
3. Supporting structural elements of the roof.
4. All technical documentation has a detailed assembly diagram.