Wooden houses made of glued wood beams

Glue binder. In contrast to heartwood and solid wood beams, glued wood beams are composed of several narrow beams. The beams are glued to each other with glue (not extended). The individual beams are usually approx. 4 cm wide, so that a 20 cm wide block beam consists of 5 beams glued together. High quality with a smooth, aesthetically sophisticated surface more

Wooden houses made of cedar wood

Siberian cedar (Swiss stone pine) is a unique tree in its properties that grows in absolutely clean areas of Siberia.
If you choose cedar as wall material, you get an expensive, exclusive and ecological house. The wood of Siberian cedar is one of the most reliable building materials


Brettschichtholz 2Glulam consists of individual board lamellas that are non-positively connected in length by finger jointing, which are glued in layers in a second step. Due to the fact that the number of slats can be adjusted without problems, the most varied of dimensions are possible. The specialist trade has a large number of standardized cross sections available for a wide range of applications. more

Glued wood beams with thermal insulation

For additional thermal insulation. We offer a special additional thermal insulation system for our log walls.
A thermal balke basically consists of spruce or fir slats and a heat-insulating layer with 4% resin on the polyurethane basis ... more

Protection against viruses - a house made from Siberian cedar.

We offer basic sets of wooden houses from the glued wood beams ready for installation.
From our catalog or your project.

Durability, strength, aesthetics, quality, no harm to the environment!

The walls made of glued wood beams do not require any additional equipment and insulation neither inside nor outside (except for the paint) in contrast to all other wall construction materials, where you have to do both inside and outside work. It will be much faster after construction, cheaper and warmer. It will be an absolutely environmentally friendly house.

We offer the following cooperation opportunities:

1. You order a finished house project from our catalog.
The order goes into production and you receive a finished set of houses made of glued wood beams.
You can also order a variety of uninhabited buildings: bathrooms, garages, awnings, etc.
2. We will adapt and manufacture the basic set according to your wishes.
You can order any option for a new home
Or a separate kit system for the second or attic.

The basic set of a ready-to-install glued wood house contains:

1. Wall material.
2. Mezzanine overlap.
3. Supporting structural elements of the roof.
4. All technical documentation has a detailed assembly diagram.