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    Our residential containers and residential container facilities are mobile, available in the shortest possible time, equipped with heating and water connection and ready to move in immediately. For a friendly appearance, we even adjust the color of the facades according to your wishes. Even inside, our living containers leave nothing to be desired. For example, wall and floor coverings can be freely selected according to customer requirements and budget. Thanks to the high-quality and individual equipment with quality tests and healthy living materials, everyone can feel comfortable and welcome in the residential buildings.
    Our container house is fastidiously insulated.

    The steel structure consists of galvanized steel sheet 2mm and cold-formed steel profiles 3mm on the floor as standard. For containers stacked on the upper floor, a reinforced structure with 3mm steel profiles is used. The steel structure is calculated by the method of end elements and optimized in detail, which allows it to meet the required load of 100 kg / m2 of snow with a minimum weight. THE CONSTRUCTION IS ADDITIONALLY PROTECTED BY EPOXY AND POLYURETHANE TWO-COMPONENT PAINTS. This structure and anti-corrosion protection ensure high durability of the structure with minimal maintenance.


    The floor is made of a 40 mm thick polyurethane sandwich panel, through which the OSB panel is placed 10 mm, and laminate, linoleum or vinflex is used as the last floor. The floor is located on a powerful construction of pipes and specially folded galvanic beams, floor load 200kg / m2, excellent insulation (as 250mm Sympox).

    If desired, the floor in the residential container can be made of various floor coverings: linoleum, laminate, vinyl floors click provided.

    Windows and doors

    We are proud to point out that our containers contain joinery from German REHAU high-quality profiles with GU-BKS shackles and low-emission glass from the US manufacturer GUARDIAN. We produce carpentry in our own production with new machines.

    - Aluminum windows.

    Thanks to the unbeatable stability and enormous durability of the material, the design options in terms of window shapes and sizes are almost unlimited. Especially the large window fronts can only be realized by aluminum windows, aluminum doors or aluminum sliding doors. Another decisive advantage compared to wood or plastic is the low weight of aluminum. This enables robust, resistant and at the same time lightweight window constructions with slim aluminium window profileen.

    - PVC Windows.

    Plastic windows are not only easy-to-clean, modern windows that can do a lot and withstand wind and pre-construction roller shutters-pst-1.jpger, thanks to their thermally separated multi-chamber profiles, they also offer excellent properties for thermal insulation. No wonder plastic windows and plastic front doors are among our best-selling products.

    If desired, the windows can be equipped with shutters.



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