The construction and materials are used in the manufacture of our living containers.

Our residential containers and residential container systems are mobile, available in the shortest possible time, equipped with heating and water connections and ready for immediate occupancy. For a friendly appearance, we even adapt the color of the facades according to your wishes. Inside, too, our living containers leave nothing to be desired. For example, wall and floor coverings can be freely selected according to customer requirements and budget. Thanks to the high-quality and individual furnishings with quality-tested and healthy-living materials, everyone can feel comfortable and welcome in the residential buildings.

Our container house is insulated to a high standard.

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Self-supporting steel frame. The corner columns are firmly welded to the floor and ceiling structure. The floor is formed by crossbeams, which are each adapted to the intended loads. Entire construction is covered with anti-corrosion paint.




Robust steel profile frame with container corners. sandwich panels.

- Sandwich panels with vertical profile and polyurethane core 40, 60 or 80 mm. on request.
In addition, a wooden frame construction is installed, which is insulated with mineral wool and vapor barrier foil. The whole thing is completed by impregnated profile wood "Faseprofil" or wall panels (PVC or MDF). Together with our double-glazed windows, we achieve such a high insulation value that all "requirements for residential buildings" of the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV are met.

1. Sandwich panel
2. Timber frame construction
3. Mineral wool
4. Vapor barrier film
5. Interior panels. Profiled wood or wall panels (PVC or MDF).

facade cladding:saiding.jpg

Exterior walls clad with wall panels PVC or wooden facades.

- Wood is a naturally renewable raw material that is ideal for designing house facades.
- Vinyl siding facade.
Comfort, aesthetics and durability come together here.
The advantages:
*Climatic and mechanical resistance
*Successful combination of thermal insulation and ventilation of the air layers
*Long life span

Sandwich panel with T-35 crown profile and 40 mm polyurethane core.
In addition, a wooden frame is mounted, which is insulated with mineral wool and insulating film. The whole thing is completed by impregnated profile wood "Faseprofil" or wall panels (PVC or MDF).

- Aluminum windows.

Thanks to the unbeatable stability and enormous durability of the material, the design options in terms of window shapes and sizes are almost unlimited. The large window fronts in particular can only be realized with aluminum windows, aluminum doors or aluminum sliding doors. Another key advantage compared to wood or plastic is the low weight of aluminum. This enables robust, resistant and at the same time light window constructions with slim aluminum window profiles.




- PVC windows.
  Plastic windows are not only easy-care, modern windows that can withstand a lot and withstand wind and weather, thanks to their thermally separated multi-chamber profiles, they also offer excellent thermal insulatiovorbaurollladen-pst-1.jpgn properties. No wonder plastic windows and plastic front doors are among our best-selling products.




On request, the windows can be equipped with roller shutters.

On request, the floor in the living container can be made of different floor coverings: linoleum, laminate, vinyl floors click.

You can order very practical, economical, comfortable furniture for your living container from us. Made only from natural material. (Wood)
- The furniture is made of "blockboard".

 Multifunctional wardrobe, kitchen block, wardrobe panel, wall bed 120/140x200 or 90x200x2 st., chest of drawers, and much more. According to your sketches and wishes. 

Material: body 20 mm, front 20 mm. Blockboard - 5 layers. (100% wood material)Covering: natural oiled.
The face veneer is natural: beech, oak, ash, walnut (your choice).

Blockboards, also known professionally as blockboards or laminboards, are wooden panels that consist of a thick blind wood middle layer and blocking veneers glued on both sides. The barrier veneers run across the grain. Blockboards are - even with fluctuating climatic influences - dimensionally stable, rigid and have a high staying power and are therefore of higher quality. Blockboards are particularly suitable for furniture and interior design.



Other equipment options:
- other dimensions
- Multi-module systems
- Various window and door variants
- shutters
- Air conditioning, electric radiators
- Sanitary equipment
- and much more